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On a dreary Thursday evening in late 1996, the Board of Directors gathered for the regular Monthly Meeting. Former President Jim Duncan had asked to speak and he presented a motion that the Texas Lone Star Chapter research available highways to locate one that could be appropriately named
 "Texas Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway". Jim said that he would be happy to head up the project. The Board unanimously approved his motion and offered him any assistance he might need to accomplish this very worthwhile project.
After several months, Duncan returned with a resolution that selected State Highway 6, which the Board  approved, and the resolution was ultimately  presented to the Texas Legislature. Upon receiving approval, Duncan then presented the project to the seven Texas State Senators through whose Senatorial Districts Highway 6 passes. Each of the Senators supported the
Resolution. It passed through the legislative process and became law. Then Governor George W. Bush conducted a special signing ceremony, to which a number of our Chapter Officers and members were invited.
Thus the Texas Lone Star Chapter became the driving force behind the successful effort to name Highway 6 Texas Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway. It is with great pride that we, the members of the Korean War Veterans, Texas Lone Star Chapter, dedicate our efforts towards achieving this successful effort to all the Korean War Veterans of the State of Texas.